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      Michael began his career in Newport beach over 35 years ago. He started the "Old Fashioned Way" in a friends father's shop as an apprentice "shooting wax", truly the grunt work of the jewelry industry. He soon found that he really liked working with jewelry and gained a lot of personal satisfaction from it, and has been creating jewelry since 1974. After he served his apprenticeship he began to create custom pieces for retail jewelry stores. Most jewelry stores don't do their own work and typically will send custom orders and repair work out to independant craftsmen such as Michael.

     Creating custom jewelry made of Gold & Silver involves several processes. One is the lost-wax casting method, where the jewelry is carved from a chunk of wax. In the case of a ring, you remove everything that doesn't look like a ring and then the wax mold is coated with a high temperature plaster. It is then heated and as the wax melts it leaves the plaster mold. Hot metal is then injected inside using a centrifugal casting machine creating a metal duplicate of the wax model. The second is Fabricating. This is much the way a Blacksmith molds metal, only a Goldsmith does it on a much smaller scale. Precious metal is shaped, soldered, and polished to form the desired piece. Precious and semiprecious stones can be set into place; a sparkling gift results. Both techniques can be used to create a truly unique piece or future family heirloom.

     In the past Michael has performed trade work for large companies including Neiman-Marcus and Slavicks Jewelers. He has created jewelry for the Pageant of Masters and the Sawdust Festival, both of which are annual events in Laguna Beach, California. When the DeLorean Automobile first came on the scene he designed the signet line of rings and pendants for the DeLorean Motor Car Co.

     In 1980 the family moved to the Illinois Valley in beautiful Southern Oregon. Michael's wife Karen has also taken an interest in the family business and has completed her studies with the Gemological Institute of America. She has also received her "Certificate in Diamonds" and "Certificate in Colored Stones", ( the term "Colored Stones" refers to all gem materials other than Diamonds. She has also completed all of the requirements of the Gemological Institute of America's "Gem Identification Course". This marks the completion of her four year Graduate Gemologist Degree.

     Many people assume that the price of Custom Jewelry will be out of their league. It is more expensive than just going out and buying a piece that everyone else has, but by cutting out the middleman and dealing directly with the Goldsmith rather than the Jewelry Store there are added savings, and truly have something unique. Custom made pieces also become Heirloom Jewelry. Our greatest pleasure is a Satisfied Customer!




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